IPCorder NVR

IPCorder is a standalone network video recorder (NVR) for IP camera systems, developed in the Czech Republic. IPCorder allows to record and view video from IP cameras and to access it easily just using nearly any web browser.

No software installation on client PC is required. Thanks to five years of continous development and focus on hardware and software optimalization IPCorder offers state-of-art graphical user interface, stability, reasonable price and wide range of models. Advantage is also in wide area of use, not limited just to surveillance systems. It's also possible to connect various sensors and NETIO Smart Sockets and configure, how the system should react in different situations - based on Your needs.


  • Czech product
  • Operating system independent (supports Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Standalone solution - saves costs on energy, green solution, resistant to virus and malware infections
  • Smartphone and tablet App (Android, iOS)
  • Central Management System - IPCorder Group
  • Easy and intuitive usage, liquid design, controlled by mousei
  • Easy setup of Actions triggered by events or User Buttons
  • Online firmware Auto Upgrade facility
  • Autorecovery after a power outage
  • Supports many IP camera manufacturers and ONVIF (open solution)
  • Support of external input/output and sensoric devices
  • CGI-in/out and video annotations allow interconnection with other external systems

Manufacturer web pages deditated just to IPCorder NVR.



  • No complicated licensing and hidden fees
  • Lower buying costs thanks to careful development of dedicated hardware
  • Quicker and much easier setup (no OS, DB, app installation)
  • Much lower power consumption (ecological a economical solution)
  • Compact form factor (modern design, could be also hidden)
  • Low noise
  • Easier troubleshooting - both HW and FW from the same manufacturer
  • Resistant to viruses, malware etc.

Quick Contact

Sales (Except CZ/SK)
Phone +420 296 826 569
E-mail: info[at]koukaam.se

Technical Support
Phone +420 296 826 562
E-mail: support[at]koukaam.se

Service Center
Phone +420 461 105 247
E-mail: rma[at]koukaam.se

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