NETIO - smart sockets for home automation and system integration

NETIO is a series of smart sockets and PDU (Power Distribution Unit), developed and designed in the Czech Republic. The concept of NETIO series allows a wide range of possible usages, no matter if at home or in professional industrial applications:

  • For home – automatic or remote manual light control, electronic control of entrance gates, air condition etc.
  • For service engineers – restart of frozen servers and unaccessible devices of nework infrastructure, control of external devices using CGI commands,...
  • Hobby – fishtank and terrarium control, plant lighting and moisture control, ...


  • Czech product
  • Easy access using common web browsers
  • No PC software installation required
  • Watchdog feature - automatic or manual restart of servers, routers, ...
  • Internal scheduler - time based control of power sockets
  • Usage also in surveillance systems - (IP camera systems friendly)
  • Safety guarantees
  • E-mail notifications

Quick Contact

Sales (Except CZ/SK)
Phone +420 296 826 569
E-mail: info[at]

Technical Support
Phone +420 296 826 562
E-mail: support[at]

Service Center
Phone +420 461 105 247
E-mail: rma[at]

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