NETIO-230CS is a network device that allows to control of external devices connected to its 90-250 V outputs though the network. NETIO-230CS integrates one 90-250 V input and four 90-250 V outputs, which allow to connect virtually any 90-250 V powered device. Users can connect to web interface from LAN or Internet using their favorite browser, it is not necessary to install any special software.

Output switching can be controlled by a built in scheduler or outputs could be also controlled manually using two buttons on the front panel. NETIO-230CS allows an easy integration into bigger systems thanks to Telnet, RS-232 interface and CGI commands ? it can be controlled by automatic external scripts etc.

Also thanks to the watchdog feature (checks responses of network devices) NETIO-230CS is ideal for automatic or manual remote restart of hanged servers, unreachable network infrastructure devices etc. This can dramatically reduce costs spent on personal intervention of a technical engineer. Another popular usage of NETIO-230CS is an automatic or remote control of various household appliances, like lighting, heating or air condition.

It is recommended to make an upgrade of FW by connecting directly to device by UTP cabel, you will avoid to packet loss.

The latest FW is 4.05

IMPORTANT: The upgrade from version 3.xx to 4.0 will reset all your settings to default because of upgrading the core of the FW.
  • Description of CGI and Telnet commands for controlling NETIO devices is available for downloadinghere.


  • Features
    • Built-in web server
    • Supports wide range of Internet browsers:
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Opera
      • Google Chrome
    • 4× manageable 90-250 V output
    • Supported protocols: HTTP, SMTP, SNTP, DHCP, DNS and Telnet*
    • Watchdog feature for an automatic restart of hanged network devices
    • 2x RS-232C interface control
    • CGI command control
    • Secure login
    • User access rights
    • LED indicators for actual status of each outlet
    • Safe design prevents from electric current injury, fireproof materials
    • Timer control
    • Default output states setup
    • Manual output control using buttons
    • E-mail notification
    • 10/100 Mbps
    • Input power: 90 - 250 V AC
    • Max switched current: 8 A per outlet (10 A total)
    • Latency: max. 10 ms
    • Consumption: 22mA with all ports ON without load, 17,9mA with all ports OFF
    • 1× power input (IEC-320 C14)
    • 4× power output (IEC-320 C13)
    • 2× CANNON DB9M for RS232C
    Package content
    • NETIO-230CS
    • Power cable (IEC320 C13 ? Schuko)
    • Output cable (IEC320 C13 ? C14)
    • Reduction WAD-320
    • Patch cable
    • CD
    Operation conditions
    • Temperature: 0 ? 70 °C
    Dimension and weight
    • Dimension : 220×41×120 (w×h×d)
    • Weight : 900g
    ATTENTION: It is recomended to connect NETIO to PC directly for firmware upgrade!
    Dodavatel si vyhrazuje právo změny veškerých specifikací bez předchozího upozornění.
    Přidáno 03.11.2011


    Doporučené příslušenství

    Possibility to mount two devices into a data rack, 4 remotely controllable power outlets (IEC-320 C13), 1× DB9 for RS232C NETIO control, interface for Internet connection (RJ-45).





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