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About company KOUKAAM Distribution a.s.

Company KOUKAAM a.s. started development of its own products and distribution of IP camera system solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2003. As technology develops and changes the world, even companies develop in order to better satisfy requirements of their customers and partners. That is why we have founded a new company KOUKAAM Distribution a.s. based on the best fundaments of KOUKAAM in 2013.

KOUKAAM Distribution a.s. is a distributor selling IP camera system solutions. We are the exclusive distributor of VIVOTEK, UNV and NETIO in the area of the Czech Republic. We continuously strengthen our efforts to promote VIVOTEK, Uniview, Sony, DIGIEVER, NUUO, Macroscop and NETIO brands in our region and to provide top class technical support and personal customer service. To our partners and customers we constantly provide technical as well as marketing support, we prepare workshops, roadshows and professional help with all kind of projects.


Quick Contact

Sales (Except CZ/SK)
Phone +420 296 826 569
E-mail: info[at]koukaam.se

Technical Support
Phone +420 296 826 562
E-mail: support[at]koukaam.se

Service Center
Phone +420 461 105 247
E-mail: rma[at]koukaam.se

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