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NETIO Mobile - application for Android mobile phones and tablets

Netio Mobile

Free NETIO Mobile application for smart phones and tablets is dedicated to the owners of NETIO PDU devices. This application brings basic NETIO features to your mobile devices. NETIO Mobile application allows you to switch on/off each NETIO port. Thus you can control external devices connected to your NETIO device. With this application you will be able to control servers, aquariums, electric gates, switch on/off the lights or to monitor the Timer and the Watchdog function status. NETIO Mobile is dedicated for technical engineers, home appliances control and for hobby purposes. Stay in touch with your appliances, your home or office!

Download free NETIO Mobile applictaion for Android at Google Play!

Download free NETIO Mobile applictaion for iPhone at iTunes!

Key Features
  • Switching ports (outlets) on/off individually
  • Emergency shutdown - Switching off all ports at once
  • 'Slide to turn on/off' function to avoid accidental on/off
  • Monitoring each port status
  • Multiple NETIO devices management
  • Monitoring of Watchdog function status (Watchdog function itself checks external devices status)
  • Monitoring of Timer function status
  • Confidential data encryption - unique encryption key is generated using the READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY permission (Available for Android devices only)
  • NETIO Firmware 4.0 and later versions support
  • All current NETIO series support (NETIO-230B, NETIO-230C, NETIO-230CS)

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Easy download for iPhone

Netio Mobile QR Code

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