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KOUKAAM - IPCorder Mobile App

IPCorder Mobile App
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IPCorder Mobile App

IPCorder Network Video Recorder application for mobile phones and tablets. IPCorder Mobile is dedicated to the owners of IP camera systems using IPCorder NVRs. This application brings basic IPCorder NVR features to your mobile devices.


Basic features
  • Adjustable and pre-set camera views
  • A panel to control rotary IP cameras (PTZ)
  • Pre-set positions of rotary cameras
  • User buttons for manual startup of actions and control of other devices connected to the IPCorder
  • Information about the status of connected IP cameras
  • Automatic selection of streams (it automatically changes the resolution based on the current image size)

IPCorder Mobile app for Android at Google play!

  • Access to multiple IPCorders
  • The application can be protected by a password to increase the security (a unique encryption key is generated with an authorization to read the status and identity of the phone)
  • Simple zoom in/zoom out of the image
  • Compatible with IPCorder 2.0 firmware, and later
  • A large scope of supported IP cameras
  • ONVIF protocol support

IPCorder Mobile app for iOS at Itunes!

All specifications are subject to change without the prior notice.
Added 03.09.2013


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