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Sony IP cameras

Sony is a traditional manufacturer of electronic devices. Thanks to the image quality and image processing Sony IP cameras are highly suitable for projects and professional use. KOUKAAM cooperates with Sony since 2008 and is a certified Sony partner. In cooperation with Sony we offer our partners special project discounts, demo products and other advantages.


  • Excellent image quality even in poor lighting conditions
  • Reliable hardware
  • Intelligent video analytics (DEPA) Engine
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Oustanding wide dynamic range for clear image even in high contrast scenes (WDR)
  • Advanced features as auto/remote focus available in many models
  • Unique products in portfolio - like hybrid cameras
  • 3 years extended warranty Sony Prime Support
  • Own development from image sensors to the final products
  • Suitable for professional use in traffic monitoring, city surveillance, banks etc.

SONY website about IP cameras and accessories.


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