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Popularity of VIVOTEK IP cameras in the world continuously grows. Thanks to KOUKAAM Distribution, territories of the Czech Republic and Slovakia are still one of the biggest markets for VIVOTEK brand. The reason lies in excellent quality and fairly priced products, as well as in our knowledge of IP camera system installation and setup.


  • Wide portfolio – range from basic IP cameras for SOHO to fully professional models
  • Rich and mature firmware
  • Exceptional surveillance systems suitable also for multimedia use (live stock monitoring, marketing etc.)
  • Reliability proven over a period of many years
  • VIVOTEK´s own development – SoC (System on Chip), IP cameras, NVRs and complete portfolio of related products
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Prolonged 3 years warranty on SUPREME series models
  • Great recording IP camera software VAST
  • IP Cameras designed specifically for certain applications such as hospitals, retail, detentional facilities, casinos, transportation etc.
  • Mobile access

Manufacturer web pages www.vivotek.com.


Quick Contact

Sales (Except CZ/SK)
Phone +420 296 826 569
E-mail: info[at]koukaam.se

Technical Support
Phone +420 296 826 562
E-mail: support[at]koukaam.se

Service Center
Phone +420 461 105 247
E-mail: rma[at]koukaam.se

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